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Lawn Services

lawn mower

Enhance your soil water uptake, and leave your lawn healthy and happy with our professional aeration services in and around Salt Lake City, UT.

Lawn Mowing

Don’t waste your only free time mowing your lawn, enjoy spending your weekend hours with friends and family while we take care of all your mowing needs.  Residential lawn mowing starting at $35.00  

Commercial Lawn Mowing

Keep your business and company property looking impressive with the comprehensive commercial lawn mowing service provided by our expert team at Salt Lake Lawns.

Lawn Care

Lawn care is simply more than watering it every so often. Our trained lawn care professionals can see exactly what your lawn needs just with one passing glance, so hire our team today  for the most attractive and green lawn.

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Other Services

Commercial Property Maintenance

Keep your business landscape and lawn looking pristine through the help of our Salt Lake Lawn team. With years of experience, we know how to leave a commercial property looking amazing, no matter the size or specs.

Lawn Pest Control

By hiring professionals to take care of your lawn pest control needs, you will have fewer pesticides dispersed around your home as well as a peace of mind knowing there will be no more itching or bug bites on you and your loved ones.

Shrubs & Hedges

Your shrubs and hedges can quickly become unkempt and wild, but with the help of our team, they can look perfectly manicured and healthy today in West Valley, UT, and all surrounding areas.

Spring & fall clean ups

Full property clean up and removal of all unwanted debris.

Commercial Snow Removal

Let us clean your commercial lot of all snow so your employees and customers can safely come to your business, even on the coldest days.


Fertilization is a necessary thing to have if you want your landscaping or lawn to thrive in our Utah climate. With many different kinds of fertilization, our team is here and ready to help find the perfect one for you in the salt lake valley. 


Mulching is perfect for soil to retain moisture and create the perfect environment for any and everything to grow, as well as being a beautiful land covering.


Sodding can allow us to prove you with an even and lush green all over. With many different types of sod, let our team help you decide which is perfectly for your individual property.


We can solve all your Sprinkler needs.  Spring turn on and adjustments.  Fall winterization to prevent frozen pipes.   We specialize in all repairs. Timer box, broken lines & valves to ful system installs.